Judy Kessinger

The Fit Doctor is returning to Seams Sew Easy! We know that so many of you love Judy's workshops (and her sparkling personality), so we decided to bring her back!

This year, we will be offering FOUR WHOLE DAYS of fitting fun. The first day will be a lecture/demo, where you can get a comprehensive overview of all the things you should be doing when sewing your own clothes.
The following three days are bundled together in a Fit Doctor Retreat, where you'll walk away with an entirely new outfit, as well as practical experience tailoring your clothes so you can repeat it again and again at home.

Fit, Fashion, FUN Lecture Day: $50
Saturday, August 11th
10am to 6pm

Retreat: $550 (All 3 days)
Sunday, August 12th thru Tuesday, August 14th
(Includes Lecture day FREE!)

Retreat Day 1- Master Tops: $200
Sunday, August 12th
9am to 7pm

Retreat Day 2- Master Pants: $200
Monday, August 13th
9am to 7pm

Retreat Day 3- Learn to Design Day: $200
Tuesday, August 14th
9am to 7pm

Retreat spaces are limited, call to sign up and reserve your spot today!

Fit, Fashion & FUN from Judy Kessinger on Vimeo.



Mary Mulari

Once the most frequent guest on Sewing with Nancy, Mary Mulari will be here in September to present all sorts of projects you never knew you needed.


Thursday, September 27th     6:30pm - 8:00pm     $15
Vintage and New Age Aprons
Mary Mulari is coming to Seams Sew Easy with her "Walk Down Memory Lane" apron collection! Be sure to attend her entertaining evening program- you'll see familiar and new styles, and you can participate too. Aprons tell women's history and inspire fond memories of women from the past, including mothers and grandmothers. Learn about old aprons and how they inspire new creations as Mary shares details about styles and embellishments. Attendees are encourages to bring their own aprons to show and share.

Friday, September 28th     10:00am - 4:00pm     $45
Fee includes lunch and afternoon kit.

Sewing Inspirations for All Seasons- A Morning Variety Show of Projects & Ideas
Prepare to collect baskets full of sewing ideas at Seams Sew Easy! See quick-to-sew accessories and discover new possibilities for appliue and quilting scraps. Mary Mulari, author and national sewing personality, will inspire and entertain you with her latest collection of stylish and useful sewing ideas and details. Topics included in her presentation are all occasion fabric wraps, swearshirt makeovers, accessories from her pattern line, and great wats to make use of the family's T-shirt stash and all those charm square packs. You'll see the special projects from her books, patterns, and guest appearances on PBS television's Sewing with Nancy. For a great time and lots of new ways to use your sewing machines, don't miss this program!

Sashiko Experience- Afternoon Hands-On
Curious about Baby Lock's unique Sashiko machine? It's the only machine of its kind, creating a running stitch that looks like you are an excellent and steady stitcher at hand quilting. You'll have a chance to embellish a small project to see the stitch variations and the classy detail you'd be able to add to clothing, accessories, table runners, and much more.