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Click the image to go to OSQE's website and see what you can expect at this event!

Plus, after the show, Donelle McAdams will be teaching an exclusive Westalee class in our shop; stay tuned for details!


Now accepting sign-ups for Mary Mulari!

Thursday, Sept. 27th: Vintage and New Age Aprons - $15
Trunk Show

Friday, Sept. 28th: Sewing Inspirations for All Seasons - $45
Morning Lecture + Afternoon Hands-on. Price includes lunch and kit.

Did you know? Mary Mulari was the most frequent guest on Sewing with Nancy!

Visit our In-Store Events page for more details!


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Introducing the new Pfaff Performance Icon!

If you've had your eye on Pfaff's Creative Icon since it came out in 2017, but perhaps you weren't interested in embroidery, the new Performance Icon is the answer. Featuring all the regular sewing features and decorative stitches we LOVED in the Creative Icon, but without the embroidery functions; this machine opens the door for everyone to own a top-of-the-line sewing experience. 

Read more about specifications and features on Pfaff's website.


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